AllStar Game Rosters

Black 04-05 White 04-05
Reid Lalonde (G) Sean Coates (G)
Harrison Papineau (G) Zach Mussio (G)
Connor Broad (D) Pierce Yakimchuk (D)
Ty Olsen (D) Tyler Markus (D)
Parker Fournier (D) JD Hemming (D)
Dawson Bilyk (D) Brody O’Connell (D)
Ty Doucette (D) Brady Spencer (D)
Kristopher Kalavrias (D) Cooper Sharp (D)
Noah Heinrich (D)  
Dre Vos (F) Michele Romeo (F)
Ethan deChamplain (F) Bronson Seymour (F)
Blake Small (F) Ryan Bablitz (F)
Riley Jacob (F) Jacob Stephenson (F)
Karter Fournier (F) Berg Weber (F)
Coster Dunn (F) Owen Banks (F)
Cohen Slocum (F) Patrick Labby (F)
Layne Loomer (F) Riley Longmuir (F)
  Ethan Zukowsky (F)
White 06-07 Black 06-07
Tanner Mcbride (G) Emmett Neitsch (G)
Jake Vesso (G) Wyatt Hall (G)
Brody Groves ( C) Jesse Li (C )
Blake O’Dempsey (F) Joshua Boyko ( C)
Aiden Nieminen (F) Jackson Badry ( C)
Ty Van Brabant (F) Ty Rayan ( C)
Antonio Martorana (F) Jake Walker (F)
Garrett Thom (F) Kian McLean (F)
Arjun Shergill (F) Maclin Davie ( C)
Samuel Charko (F) Jacob Rhyno (F)
Clarke Schaefer (F) Gavin McKenna (F)
 Maddox Popke (F)  Kyler Anderson (F)
Gabriel Kenny (D) Kage Prediger (D)
Ellis Shaigec (D) Conall Hill (D)
Ryder Ellis (D) Mason Renaud (D)
Brody Martin (D) Dawson Grey (D)
Jack Too Good (D) Cash Carter (D)

Professional Photographer

We have a Professional Photographer setting up for this tournament. He will be located at the Terwillegar Arena Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Nick has done several Hockey Tournaments and is truly an artist.


Have a look at his web site

Nick Sperounes

nicholas david photography

Phone: 780.871.1661


MVP Awards for the Edmonton AAA Spring Classic

The Edmonton AAA Spring Classic is proud to provide a MVP AWARD for the top hockey players of each team. The procedure for the award is: The coach will present the MVP to his own player in the dressing room. This gives the coach flexibility on how to award them. He can give them out after each game, perhaps save them up and give them out all at once at a team function. The award will be included with the tournament souvenirs and coaches package, when you sign in.

Our AAA Hockey Tournament Souvenirs

Our AAA Hockey Tournament, provides for TOURNAMENT SOUVENIRS for each and every hockey player attending. These souvenirs for your young hockey players are a collectible and great memento of our tournament. These are normally presented at the final hockey game.

AAA Spring Classic – 3 Day Hockey Tournament

The Edmonton AAA Spring Classic is proud to offer our HOCKEY TOURNAMENT OVER THREE DAYS. We do this to reduce cost to the parents. Numerous AAA Tournaments that offer 5 games run their tournament over 4 day or more. This usually means hockey teams travelling in must get at least one extra night of hotel rooms. For a family of four, factor in the extra meals and this can be quite costly.

Coaches, players and parents come to our tournament to play hockey and appreciate the two a day, hockey game format. Tons of hockey over a short period of time. In order to accomplish this our tournament has to rent an additional 25% more sheets of ice per day. In 2003 and 2004 there will need to be 1 game played on Thursday May 29th. these will be local teams.

AAA Hockey Tournament – 5 game guarantee

We at the AAA Spring Classic are proud to offer 5 GAME GUARANTEE  at our Hockey Tournament. This feature means that everyone is in a final hockey game. The format of our Hockey Tournament gives you two games on Friday and two games on Saturday. Sunday is for semi-finals and finals.

This is important:

  • Allows for a meaningful final game.
  • Whether you are competing for gold medals or bronze, these games are as important to players.
  • With the structure of the round robin, it usually means the final hockey game for your team, is very competitive. History has proven there is a good chance your final game could go into overtime.
  • All teams pay the same entry fee, so they should all get the same number of games.
  • Our AAA Hockey Tournament guarantees 5 games for everyone. Depending on the numbers in the divisions, some teams might have to play 6.

AAA Hockey Tournament – 60 minute stop time games

The AAA Spring Classic is proud to bring you our AAA Hockey Tournament. This Youth Hockey Tournament features full “NHL” style games. By that we mean, 60 MINUTE STOP TIME GAMES.  Each game in the tournament consists of 3 twenty-minute stop time periods. Our exclusive hockey scheduling system, ensure games start on time. Because of this only in case of extreme emergencies (Zamboni, blowing up) do we ever drop the clock. Full games mean – full hockey games. The only other exception might be: At the beginning or any time during the third period, if the goal differential is more than 6 goals, if both coaches agree, the clock will be put to run time. The playoffs in this tournament provides adequate time for overtime if required. See Tournament Rules for overtime format.